BCネットワークは,アメリカ認定の非営利団体です。 日米両国に在住の日本人女性達に乳がんに関する最新の情報 、乳がん治療後の生活の取り組み、乳がん早期発見、 啓発情報発信を押し進めていく非営利団体です。 Knowledge is power.  正しい知識は患者自身の力、支えになると信じて活動しています 。

Honorary Advisory Members

Ms.Nobuko Sakurai
( Wife of Former Ambassador of Consulate General of Japan in New York,
Motoatsu Sakurai
Ms.Kaoriko Kuge
(Fuji-Sankei International of NY, Anchor)
Dr. Koichi Nakamoto
(The Director of the Medical office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
(The founder of the Japanese Medical Support Network)
Dr. Tunetaka Yoshida
(Medical Attache of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in Tokyo, Japan)
(The Board member of the JMSNET Asia and Tokyo)