BCネットワークは,アメリカ認定の非営利団体です。 日米両国に在住の日本人女性達に乳がんに関する最新の情報 、乳がん治療後の生活の取り組み、乳がん早期発見、 啓発情報発信を押し進めていく非営利団体です。 Knowledge is power.  正しい知識は患者自身の力、支えになると信じて活動しています 。

Executive Advisory Members :

New York

Makiko Yamamoto.(Founder and President)

Ami Murase..(Vice President)

MIzuho Saito..(Director of Educational Community Seminars)

Nancy Miwa (Director of New Initiatives and Projects)


Yuko T. (Tokyo Correspondence)

Advisory Members :.

Nobuko Sakurai
(Ambassador, Consul General of Japan in New York and Japan Society President, Motoatsu Sakurai)

I have been living in New York for long time because of my husband’s trading company’s assignment. I enjoyed meeting many new people since my husband became a Consulate General of Japan in New York a few years past. One of many interesting people that I met was Ms.Yamamoto, BCnetwork’s founder. Ms. Yamamoto has started important and vital breast cancer initiative for young Japanese women based on her own experience. I have been impressed her sincere work for Japanese women both living in US and Japan from BCnetwork’s First Japanese Breast Cancer Symposium@NYC 4 years ago. Because one of my daughters had gone through 3 long operations due to her gynecological issues, I have been personally interested in women’s health issue. I find mostly amazing BCnetwork has created their programs and symposiums not only learning important information, but also having fun to meet new people and to listen music at the same time. I am glad to be a part of growing initiative of Japanese women’s health issue by BCnetwork.

Kaoriko Kuge
(Anchor/Reporter, Fujisankei Communications International Inc., NY)

Koichi Nakamoto M.D.Ph.D
(Embassy of Japan in Canada, Counsellor, Medical Attache)

I believe it was in the autumn of 2005 when I first met Ms. Makiko Yamamoto, representative of BC network. It was when I had just moved to NYC from New Delhi. I was struck by the fact that there is a Japanese survivor that is actively engaged in supporting patients in NYC. Ms. Yamamoto, through her own experiences, was involved in supporting patients and had come to the Japanese consulate in NYC to consult about her will to establish an organization. I had then promised her that I will fully cooperate with her. Ever since then, BC network's activities have been astonishing, and I believe that it is among the top advocacy organization in NY. It has spread its activities to Japan as well, in which it has been holding a symposium in Japan since 2009. It is my great honor to join BC network as an advisor and it is my sincere will to support this esteemed organization to the best of my ability.

Tunetaka Yoshida M.D. Ph.D
Embassy of Japan in Thailand, First Secretary, Medical Attache